Select the shoe model that you like the most, choose the size and add it to the cart. If you cannot find the model you are looking for on the web, contact us at our email:

Please check the size guide before you buy any shoe as we do not make any changes or refunds for wrong sizes.

In case you do not know what your ideal size is, we have a size guide on the web that you can consult.

Your order will automatically arrive and we will begin to process it, after a few days it will leave the factory and between 7-30 days you will receive the product.

We work with the international shipping company ePacket, which provides us tracking codes to see the status of the packages at all times. If you are interested in the tracking code, a few days after the order is placed, you can contact us and we will kindly give you your tracking number. Due to the Covid-19 and the courier companies, in some occasions the tracking number can take over a week. You can see the status of your package by entering the tracking code at the following link:

Our company is not responsible for any type of failure related to the shipping address. We recommend all of our customers to make sure that their shipping information is correct. In the event that they have made a mistake, they can inform us through our email and we will proceed to modify and put the right information. Please, take into consideration that the maximum time for this it’s 48 hours.

Depending of which country you are from, customs can retain your package and make you pay a fee. This is something that happens rarely, and our business it’s not responsible to pay for you any extra fee that you may be charged.

It is necessary that you are home when the delivery is made, otherwise you will be notified and you will have to go to the nearest office of the address where you requested the sending of the shoes.

If there is a problem with the product that is our responsibility:
1. Shoe has been not delivered
2. Shoe took over 90 days to reach the client.
We will refund you or send you again the shoe that you asked.

Returns for defective products must be communicated after receipt of the shoes (within 24 hours) in this case we will be responsible and we will send you the shoes again or we will proceed to the full refund of your money.

Our department will check the sneakers and if we consider that the shoes arrived in bad conditions, we will proceed to do a full refund. Clients must send us to our email pictures of their defective sneakers.

Once you have the package, we give you a 6-month guarantee !!

No company that works in our sector offers a guarantee like ours. If during these 6 months the product has caused problems for which we are responsible, we will proceed to refund the money or change, as the client prefers.